How do I list my business?

To list your business, simply click the “List Your Business” button and fill out the Sign Up form.


How will I be notified about bookings?

NPS Tours will notify you about bookings via email, using the contact you provided. Check our inbox frequently so you don’t miss out these booked tours.


How do I upload a photo?

To add a photo click the Browse button and select a photo from your personal database of pictures. Be aware that the order you upload your photos, is the order they will appear in the gallery view. Make sure to include only photos that pertain to that particular trip as they will be visual representations of your itinerary. Click the Upload Photo button after choosing your file.


How many images can I upload to an album?

You can upload up to 10 photos into the activities album.


Why do I need to include a default photo?

A default image will display in the gallery view of trips and acts as a visual illustration for your trip’s itinerary. When a potential customer clicks on your trip, the default photo will appear accompanied by a description and specific trip details. This photo gives the viewer an idea of what they might see or experience on your trip and should be one of your better photographs.


Why should I include good photos?

Please be selective with the photos you choose to upload. Customers will be more apt to look at your trip if the photos they see are stimulating and have good imagery. Photos should have a clear image with attractive composition. Keep in mind that photos with vivid hues (color and saturation) tend to draw the viewer’s eye a bit more.


Where do I include specifics on trip inclusions and exclusions?

In the “What’s included” section you can add all the items that are included in the tour or activity.  If you want to make sure that the customer understand what is excluded you can add the description of these items in “What you’ll do” section.



How will a customer know what to bring with them on my trip?

You can add a list of things that your customer needs to bring with them on your trip into the “What you’ll do” section. 


I only have a full trip description. What do I do about “Trip Highlights” section?

Create your own.  Add short, one sentence highlights of your trip.


None of my trips have descriptions.

Brief and full descriptions are required for every trip. Not only do they add something extra to the page, but they can help sell the trip, enticing a customer to read on and possibly even book! We highly recommend at least a couple sentences for your “Trip Highlights” section and a paragraph or two for the “What you’ll do” section. The more detail you give here the better.


What do I do about codes in my trip names?

Delete them! While these codes may be useful to your company, NPS Tours operates on its own system of internal coding. By leaving codes in your trip name (or anywhere in your text) you run the risk of confusing the customer. Besides, they just add more clutter. If they don’t need to be there take them out!


What if I don’t see an activity I offer on your list?

Tell us! We are always open to updating our activities and will be happy to add any activity you don’t see.


What if I have activated a trip but no longer want it to show on NPS.tours?

Log into your account in NPS Tours.  Choose to edit your activity and change it from Active to Inactive using the drop down selector.


How do I create a trip?

Click the “List your business” button at the top of every NPS Tours page.  This button will take to the trip creation page.  You will need to follow the steps by creating a profile first and then you can list your trip.


How many trips can I upload to NPS.tours?

There is no limit to the number of trips you can upload to the site. We encourage you to create as many trips as you like complete with exciting destinations and unique activity options.


How frequently should I update my trips?

Some trips may require constant maintenance, specifically when it comes to adjusting rates, departure dates and availability. The majority of communication regarding bookings will be done via email.  Of course it is always a good idea to update your content whenever you make a change to your personal website, whether it is pricing related or even an addition to your photo library. We want to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information and ask the operator to maintain sole control of their content.